Emergency Visits

Information on our emergency visit procedure

If this is an emergency that requires immediate medical attention, please call 911 or go to your nearest emergency department.

  • University of Michigan Emergency Department: (734) 936-6666
  • University of Michigan Pediatric Emergency Department: (877) 475-6688
  • St. Joseph Mercy Hospital Emergency Department: (734) 712-3000
  • VA Ann Arbor Healthcare System Emergency Department: (734) 769-7100
  • St. Joseph Mercy Chelsea Emergency Department: (734) 593-6000

Emergencies are the worst! We feel you and want to help you.


If you feel your situation requires an emergency visit outside your normally scheduled appointments or outside our office hours, please follow these steps:

  1. Call your doctor using emergency contact procedures
  2. Explain your situation on the call or in the voicemail you leave
  3. Your doctor will determine if your situation is considered an emergency and will schedule a time to meet you, if necessary

Important information about emergency visits:

  • You are required to bring someone else with you to your emergency visit so you're not in the office alone with the doctor. If you can't / don't bring someone with you, you will be charged a $50 staff support fee payable in cash for us to pay someone from our team to come in. For your safety and our reputation, our doctors are not allowed to see a patient privately in our office.
  • There will be a $150 emergency visit fee that must be paid in cash directly to the on-call doctor that sees you. This fee is in not included in your care program and is in addition to any services rendered. Services rendered on emergency visits can be deducted from your current care program if they're included. If they're not included in your current care program, your card on file will be charged for any additional services.

If you are a current patient or practice member, you can schedule the following ways:

  • Via our app
  • By calling the office at (734) 274-5107 during office hours

Additional information: