Reaching Lazar Spinal Care Doctors After Hours

Instructions on how to reach doctors FOR EMERGENCIES ONLY.

If this is a medical emergency, call 911

If you need to reach your doctor outside our office hours for EMERGENCIES ONLY:

  1. Call the office at (734) 274-5107
  2. When the voicemail greeting picks up, press '2' to reach our emergency extension
  3. State your name when prompted
  4. Wait for the doctor on call to answer or the voicemail greeting. If prompted, please leave a voicemail.

Your doctor will be notified of an emergency call. If (s)he can't answer, please leave a voicemail. If your situation requires, your doctor will call you back.


The following are reasons you won't be able to get in touch with your doctor:

  • Your doctor is traveling to an area with no cell phone reception
  • Your doctor is on a scheduled leave and has disabled emergency access. In this case, wait for office hours or try a different doctor's extension.
  • Your doctor is in a meeting or other activity that doesn't allow for checking his/her cell phone