Scheduling Via The Scheduling App (iPhone)

Instructions for existing patients to schedule using our app

In order to schedule / re-schedule using our app, you must first have the app installed and have registered. Click here for instructions on installing the app and registering the first time.


Login to The Scheduling App using the cell phone number and password you registered with. Select 'Login with Face ID' or 'Login Manually'

2. Click 'Schedule My Next Appointment' or if you're scheduling for a family member, click 'Schedule for someone else'.


3. Click 'Appt Type >'


4. Scroll through the available appointment types and select the type you want

5. Click 'Select Schedule'


6. Pick a Day / Date


7. Select the time you want.


8. Click 'Schedule this appointment'. You'll get a prompt and a text confirming your new appointment.

Don't see the time you want? Try a different doctor preference. Still don't see it? You can call (734) 274-5107, text us at (734) 659-2023, or chat with us on our website.