Installing + Setting Up The Scheduling App (iPhone)

How existing patients can download and install The Scheduling App

Our Scheduling App has made it easier than ever to

  • See your future appointments
  • Add your appointments to your phone's calendar app
  • Schedule appointments
  • Check-in for your appointment when you arrive

Note: for compliance reasons, we can't have you reschedule appointments on the app.  You'll have to call or text the office for that.  

To download the app:

Please note: you'll need your phone's app store ID and password

  1. Visit The Scheduling App download page
  2. Click your device type (Apple or Android) to be directed to your app store
  3. Follow the prompts on your phone to install the app using your app store ID and password.

To set up the app:

  1. When prompted about notifications, click 'Allow'

2. Enter our clinic ID: LFIPAT and click 'Continue'

3. Select 'Agree To Terms of Service'


4. Verify our clinic info (See below) and click 'Yes, Continue'

5. Click 'Register' (DO NOT try to login yet)


6. Fill out your information using the cell phone number we have on file, enter the password you want twice, and click 'Request Access Token'


7. You'll receive a text message from us. Get the access token from that text message and enter it into the access token field and click 'Continue'. If you didn't get the text, click 'Resend token'.


8. When asked, 'Would you like to sync your appointments to your calendar?', click 'Enable Sync'.


9. Select the calendar you'd like to sync your appointments with


10. When you get the 'success' message, click the 'back' button and you're ready to schedule your appointment.


11. Save the number you got the text from [(734) 659-2023)] in your contacts as 'Lazar Spinal Care Text'


Congratulations 🎉!