I'm Not Getting Messages or Texts from LSC

This article will help you troubleshoot the most common reasons you are not receiving appointment reminders, messages, or texts from us.

There are a few main reasons you won't hear from us.  

1. The phone number we have for you in our system is incorrect.  Have you changed your phone number?  Switched carriers?  Please click here to let us know which information you want us to have on file.  

2. You have unsubscribed from our texting service.  To ensure this isn't the case, or to fix this, simply text the word 'unstop' to us at (734) 659-2023.  If you get a text from us in response, the issue has been resolved.  


PRO TIP: Be sure to save our texting number [(734) 274-5107] in your contacts as the mobile number for Lazar Spinal Care, P.C.