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Do You Accept My Insurance?

How insurance works with your care at Lazar Spinal Care, P.C.

If you have chiropractic coverage, a portion of your care should be covered. However, we don't know your deductible or coinsurance amount, and without a diagnosis, we don't know if or what your insurance company will pay.

If you'd like to come in and meet with one of the doctors, we can talk about next steps including what services and costs will be needed to properly get your diagnosis. We believe if we're going to do something, we should do it well, so we don't like to guess about diagnoses, insurance coverage, or charges.

After we have your diagnosis, our insurance coordinator, Kim, will check your insurance coverage. On your second visit, the doctor will go over our findings with you including what insurance coverage you have.

We recommend having a consultation with one of our doctors to see if you're a candidate for our care, to see if our care, our team, and our office is the right fit for you, and get answers about what's wrong, if we can fix it, how long it will take, how many visits it will take, what it will cost, and what your insurance will cover.